• Rashmi Rai

Yoga For Everything!!!!

Yoga originated in India and holds its history of including exercises that can help in harmonizing your body, mind and spirit.

Yoga is not just a physical exercise, it helps to sustain your body, mind and soul for long and helps to live life in a better way. Yoga helps you to connect to your body & soul, nowadays the entire world practices yoga, not because it became a trend but because it has endless benefits for any human who believe to have a beautiful, healthy & peaceful lifestyle.

We all are running after something or the other, without even giving a second thought to our health and calm state of mind. Lastly coming to an end, where we find ourselves unhappy & exhausted. With a lavish lifestyle comes all the stress & work load, which affects us mentally, emotionally & physically.

Yoga is something which can help us overcome all the repercussions of having a lifestyle of a Millennial generation.

Best part of Yoga is that it is easily accessible & no heavy expensive equipment is required.

All you need is a Yoga Mat, a peaceful place & a certified Yoga trainer to begin with. You can practice it in your room, balcony, park or anywhere which is easily approachable & peaceful.

In Yoga Sutras, 'Sthiram Sukham Asanam' means that every Asana should be 'STEADY' and 'COMFORTABLE'- STHIRA and SUKHA.

'Sthira' means steady/ stable/ grounded or Strong and 'Sukha' means comfortable or easy, easeful or peaceful. And that’s how your mind stop thinking unnecessarily, it becomes more peaceful and calmer through the regular practice of Yoga. Yoga doesn't need any recognition for its immense and endless benefits. So, grab a mat today, change your hectic lifestyle into peaceful lifestyle and achieve more through this beautiful practice and explore freedom from within.

One of the Yoga instructor, Suraj Singh Rana (Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, learnt Yoga from his Guru in Rishikesh), will be writing blogs about different Asanas & their benefits, how to maintain peace of mind & other issues related to our Millennial Generation. Stay Tuned!

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