• Rashmi Rai

What Exercise Does to Your body?

Fundamentally exercises are done to get fit and look good. But do you know? It does a lot more which you gradually get to feel once you get regular with it.

Be ready! Letting the cat out of the bag:

- Stronger Immune System: People who exercise regularly, develop a stronger immune system than the sedentary individuals. Key reason being, with workouts your body parts are pushed to work better than the average person. Leave other muscles, just think of heart!

How much extra work it has to do when you work out. More your body parts or muscles are used, stronger they become.

- You Sleep Better: Yes! Studies have shown people who exercise sleep better because of the excess energy that keeps us tossing at night gets absorbed by those workouts. Also, workouts bring out the best mind-body balance in us.

- Slows Down Ageing: 100% true! You must have seen this in your real life too. Two people of same age look poles apart just because of the physical activity indulgence. Workouts give you erect body, glowy skin and better stamina. Aren't these the parameters ageing is judged on?

- Moreeee Fooodd: Contrary to public belief that people who work out do dieting it’s the other way around, more workout means more calories & more calories mean more food. Your body is expending a good number of calories giving you that bracket or margin of eating more. So, all food lovers, this is moreover a reason to start your workouts today.

- Increased Stamina: This is something that others can't see but the individual feels it. Couch potatoes have a tough time climbing stairs, trekking, running after kids or even doing errands of day to day life. While you work out, your stamina gets challenged daily, improving it magnificently to help you lead a better life.

At last, I can only say this: Workouts have changed me entirely from an over-thinker at the time of sleeping to sleeping like LADO now, have not fallen sick since dinosaur years, stamina is build up to a level that I can sprint with my younger one for good minutes and for ageing you people are the best judge, please look at photos and tell!

Now that you know about workouts, spread the word. Let people know workouts are just not for outer body improvements but inner body too.

Hope this the blog has given you enough reason to start your fitness journey today. If not for other reasons, do it for slow down ageing only. Kidding!

Do it for none but for one. That’s you!!!!

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