• Rashmi Rai

Period Cravings!!!!

Happy red day peeps. I know they come with their own baggage of cravings and mood swings but let’s welcome and treat these days as normal days and not fret about them making it moreover troublesome to get through.

Period cravings what are they? Why do they happen?

Firstly because of sudden change in metabolism.

Secondly out of habit or mindset that we have unknowingly built over past years to pamper ourselves.

Things that might help:

1) Question yourself?

Am i really feeling it or its just my head is making big deal of it. Usually it will zero down to 80% made up & 20% actual craving. It happens to all of us we like to assume picture worse than how it actually is.

2) OK! IT Was a craving!

Cravings never said that they need to be unhealthy. You can always find healthier options to curb cravings. Prepare your mind for it in advance so that the urge doesn't go out of hands.

Eg: Sweet cravings replacement- rather than binging on ice cream have a spoon of peanut butter or Greek yogurt. If you really want to have an ice cream only then share it with someone rather than eating an entire brick of it.

3) Say hello to sunshine.

Early morning sunshine has a soothing effect on our souls and its known to increase serotine levels in our body.

Serotine is a hormone which when released in good amount has decreasing effect on cravings specially of sugar and carbs.

Whattt u didn't know that? But now u know buddy. Smile.

4) Stress is a silent monster.

In today’s world stress is inevitable. Outside stress cannot be controlled, inner stress can be dutifully managed. Stress can worsen the cravings so some deep breathing and mind relaxation activities can really curtail the snack attacks. How about trying some yoga and Anulom Vilom in these days? While Yoga will ease the tension in your body and soften your abdominal muscles, Anulom Vilom will calm the mind.

5) Workouts to the rescue.

They are bestie in every situation. Just a little twitch in the workout and you can benefit from it. You don’t need to hit another PR on these days just a mild workout something like upper body or good 15 mins incline walk will do the trick. Workout releases endorphins the happy hormones so lesser mood swings and lesser cravings and happier you.

Having said that, cravings are very personal to every individual so you know your body the best.

But always remember no matter what you have the power of choice.

Exercising this power will make the sail smooth through these kinds of rough days.


This article is as important for men as it is for women because there can never be a HOME without a woman. This short article will help men understand the opposite gender problems and cravings who in turn can educate other female members of their family.

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