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How to stay fit during festivals?

Yes, you stuck to your diet plan, killed every workout, lost 3 kg and now DIWALI is just around the corner.

Confused between whether to stick to your diet plan or just enjoy the whole box of Kaju katli...

Someone has said that you live only once, So, do what you feel like but that someone surely didn’t know that you were thinking about the whole box of it.

Anyway, Festivals are celebrated & enjoyed in our society. They lose their essence if not celebrated as per customs. 

You can gobble down the cake if you really want to! Really, I mean it.

Things to keep in mind while celebrating festivals and keeping fitness intact.

1) Diwali is one day; Fitness is 365 days: Diwali will come and go but the fat stored will stay. Understand your priority and act accordingly. Set your mind to your goals, the tongue will follow.

2) Eat what you like: If you like Gulab Jamun then eat 1 or maybe 2 but don't eat 1 kg of it, just because someone gifted and it's lying-in front of you. No one is stopping you from enjoying but be true about what you want to eat.

3) Drinks and Starters: No festival is complete without cheers. Unfortunately, there is no getting away with it because your body digests alcohol before any other edibles, that’s why your body is more likely to store food as fat. But rather than having your drink with fried chips and kebab, stick to some good salad combo. It will just not save calories; it will also help in digestion of all crap that you would be eating.

4) Hydration: No matter what occasion or Festival Eve it is, H20 is the solution. Drinking plenty of water will give you glowing skin, improves digestion, curbs hunger and prevents a hangover.

5) Don't skip workouts: Did anyone tell you not to work out during festivals? No one right. So, don't find excuses to skip it. The workout will not only help you lose fat; it will also give you extra leverage of binging on that last ladoo.

6) What workouts to do: During festivals, many of us are in a mood of having quick intense workout sessions, like HIIT which includes burpees, Squat Jumps, Deadlift, Mountain Climbers, Russian Twists & Lunges. Doing more power exercises at this time will help you lose fat faster.

- 20 minutes weights training and 15 minutes HIIT should be your schedule for a couple of days and then spring right back to your original schedule.

Festivals are important & So is your health. Let’s not miss one for another. Strike a balance and enjoy both the worlds. 

By the way, can I have that Rasgulla pls?

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