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How to start your fitness journey?

5 quick tips on how to start your fitness journey:

Beginning is always the toughest. There will be bumps, hiccups, ups and downs but don't get de-motivated, keep moving forward & be focused.

5 tips to help you do it:

1) Set a Goal: Not necessarily a big one, like dead lifting 100 kg but simple ones like taking steps to work, eating a fruit daily etc.

For me it was hitting the gym 4 to 5 days a week because I wanted to train myself to be consistent. Goals don't only give you target they also work as reference point to see how far you have come.

2) Choosing a Workout: Find a fitness regime which satisfies your soul. A swimmer will not like weights and a power lifter will not like treadmill. Finding what you love doing the most and then matching it to a fitness program will give you desired program. I found my love in weight lifting because deep inside me there was a small girl who always wanted to be strong, Damn Strong!!!!

3) Healthier Alternatives: Choose deliberately healthy over unhealthy, cooked over junk, home food over restaurant because every time you do that you are making your will power stronger. When you eat healthy and then treat your body once in a blue moon, your body relishes that, giving in to your cravings is the most cowardice thing. Let treats be treats.

Eating one junk meal on leg day works for me as I have worked my ass off on that day.

One Day at a Time

4) Form healthy habits: You owe things to your body. U need to give 7-8 hours of sleep to keep it energetic, minimum 4-5 litres of water to keep it hydrated and feed right food for proper functioning. Your body treats you the way you treat your body. Do you know your body repair muscles while you are asleep? So please be kind and sleep enough so that you can kick-start your next day.

5) Positivity & Self-love: No amount of abs, shredding and booty popping can give you happiness if you fret about even the smallest pimple. Practice self-love daily and accept yourself. Forgive yourself for last cheat meal you ate, bulging tummies or thunder thighs. Your body is much more than this. Acceptance is first and striving to be better comes second. Before you say, ‘she is thin, it’s easy for her’. I would like to tell your body positivity is needed for all. People mock me for being thin and lifting weights double of my weight stating that you lift with your bones. Have been called you are straight for many years. But I didn't let that affect what I want to do. I am here to impress myself and no one else. Even if you have the juiciest booty in the world there would be someone who will not like it. Focus on good and discard the bad.

These are my few tips that worked for me but fitness journey is personal, so do what your heart says. It will only become a journey if you start, otherwise it will die as a wish.

Do it for yourself and for no body else. You owe no one!

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