• Rashmi Rai

Cardio vs Weights: Where Does Your Vote Go?

Cardio vs Weights. It's the most inappropriate comparison I have heard of. It's like comparing an apple to an orange. Both have their different benefits. It just gets ugly when you expect the result of an orange while eating apples.

So here is my take on why weights should be incorporated rather than just doing endless hours of cardio.

- Cardio will help you lose fat but your body will not have shape on the other hand 3-4 times a week of weight training will make your body look snatched.

- Cardio has its own importance but it was designed to train your heart as a muscle and make it stronger unlike how nowadays it's used for just fat loss. On the other hand weight training was designed to build muscles all over your body.

- Cardio can be incorporated in different ways as per goals but for general 30 minutes is good to go. Weight raining for 60 minutes followed by 10 minutes of post stretching is quite sufficient. 

- Cardio done for hours and hours will just not give you results it will weaken your bones and give lots of joint problems. On the other hand harder you train with your weights better your joints and bones density would be.

- With cardio, you only burn calories while performing exercises while with weight training you burn calories long after you have finished your workout. (EPOC- excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). It's basically the amount of oxygen your body needs to return to its normal state.

- A simple comparison of burning calories places weight training in a superior place. Calories lost with cardio includes fat + muscles while weights burn fats and preserve your muscles.

Tone your Muscles

- The toned look is in everybody wants that but will not do weight training. The toned look is nothing but muscle pops and lower body fat percentage. Cardio will lower your BF% initially but from where the muscle will pop if you haven't built it with weight training.

- Naturally, the human body burns more calories each day to maintain a pound of muscles. Taking advantage of this weight training just clean sweeps cardio on the fact that cardio doesn't help you build muscle.

- Using cardio for weight loss, zero figure because of a new celebrity promoting it, is such a negative goal to follow while with weight training aiming to grow stronger than how you were yesterday is a real trend.

- Any movement by your body is performed in the synchronicity of muscles and bones. With endless cardio, you will just not weaken your bones moreover you would not develop strong muscles to support the joint resulting in joint pains. Weight training has the advantage of training a singular part with your body in general. For eg. Person with weak legs can train legs separately and make them strong. Even with leg, u can still choose whether u want to train quads, hams or calves which is just not possible with cardio.

I said in the beginning and saying it again it's not that one is bad and another is good. You should know what one kind of workout does and its benefits so that you can incorporate it in the schedule to maximize results. 

Weight training with a tinge of cardio works best for me. What is your take people?

* Please don't forget what we are suggesting is for normal people with normal goals, it varies with different goals though. One can modify workout schedule as per desired goals/transformation.

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