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Achieving Bust Goals Ain’t Impossible

Woman’s curves are what adds to her femininity but not everybody feels the same. For instance, while growing up I always hated my breasts more than anything else. I faced a hard time switching to bras. I was an athlete back then who would spend a lot of her time at ground, so wearing a bra all day long made it even worse for me.

Many woman will be able to relate to this saying ‘Bras killed my shoulders’. Wearing them all day long would invite brutal pain in my upper body. It was only then that I had to switch to Sports bras which to my amazement were amazingly comfortable. It brought a great relief but I wasn’t going to stay a teenager forever. My body was growing in many ways and it was time to embrace a few changes. Wearing sports bra to what seems to me for 5 years ruined me somewhere. By the time I hit 19 I wasn’t curvaceous, firm or tight. My breasts could be any shape but round. I carried on with my life accepting the fact that my breasts are going to stay this way and there’s nothing I can do about it. There were days when I wanted to throw all my bras and just wanted to relax but it’d also come with repercussions. Has it sucked for you when you were advised to use nipple covers by some random person especially a male?

It wasn’t until I joined the gym that there was a flicker of hope that something could be done as yet. At first, I was shy talking about my breasts with anyone. This made me do a lot of research on how can I improve my saggy breasts. I knew one thing for sure that I’d stay wary of enlargement pumps, massages or creams that are advertised as natural remedies because there’s no evidence that these are effective.

My goal was to increase my size and make them as firm as possible. But when you’re interested to increase your bust size, your options are limited. Breast size is determined by a combo of genetics, lifestyle and body weight. Under the cups, there’s a fan-shaped muscle known as Pectorals major. If you focus on toning up this muscle then it will build up and provide better support for the cups. The workout can help you tighten the chest muscles and make your breasts lifted up.

So, keeping this in mind I started performing various chest exercises but the results weren’t fruitful until one year when I seemed to achieve all my goals and now, I cannot be happier.

These are the exercises that I performed and still do.

1. Push ups- Beginners obviously experience hard time doing push-ups but it’s worth trying even if you can start with doing just one. There are other variations of push-ups as well, like:

- Bent knees push-up: It’s best suited for those who cannot do push-ups as yet. Try and do 10 in one go. Perform at least 5 sets

- Wall Press: For those who don’t hit the gym it’s a great exercise that can be performed at home. Do 4 sets with 20 repetitions

2. Chest Fly- Performed at the gym (Cable Fly or Dumbbell Fly). Perform 4 sets with 15 repetitions

3. Chest Press- Performed on a bench or floor with your arms & elbow at 90 degrees. Perform 3 sets with 15 repetitions.

4. Decline Press- Effective to get our chest muscles all worked up. Perform it on a decline bench with suitable weights. Do 4 sets with 10 repetitions

I’d like to recommend that always wear a right size bra. It’s as important as wearing right clothes. When your upper body is toned up, you can slay dresses as simple as a tee. I feel so comfortable when I wear fit mentor’s collection which makes me think how beautiful my fitness journey has been as there’s was this time when even tees made me look flat.

Be Strong

PS: A special note to everyone out there. I’d try not to sound like a victim here when I say that girls go through a lot in their lives. The least one can do is be empathetic towards them by not referring their problems as merely girl problems.

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